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Healthii Meals

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Healthii Meals

Welcome to the Healthii Meals website.

Healthii Meals is a mobile application. It caters to your healthy eating by taking into account your personal health goals and generate custom tailored healthy meal plans for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

This app is a personal meal planner with focus on generating healthy meal plans to achieve your health related goals. These goals can be to loose weight, maintain weight or gain muscle mass. These meal plans are generated using a your age, weight, gender, body type, height and activity level. The meal plans take into account how you should divide your daily macros, i.e. carb, fat and protein intake, and what should be the source of these macros. Distribution of these macros is calculated from well established healthy eating guidelines along with total calorie intake requirements of an individual based on the individual’s activity level.

This app also allows to take a record of your girth measurements in order to maintain a progress record. This progress record helps the app to adjust its meal plans over time to reflect your progress on achieving your goal.

This app also takes into account your medical conditions, so that it can avoid suggesting foods which might not be suitable for you.

Along with other options, this app also allows you to easily tweak your meal plans based on your personal preferences. If you want to replace a food items which is not of your liking, the app would suggest you other food items to choose from, with the same nutritional value.

You can also chose to replace food category, e.g. you can chose to replace beefs with fish, or avoid shellfish if you do not want them in your meal plans, and so on.

The goal of this app is to help you achieve your health goals while guiding your on healthy meal planning.